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My name is Alex Luber and I’m a psychotherapist and clinical yoga therapist here in the Lake Country area.

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2011 and I’ve been a therapist since 2014. I’m putting all of my attention in the mission of revolutionizing the modern healthcare industry.

After working as a yoga teacher and becoming a therapist along the way, I saw a significant gap in our modern Healthcare industry. People who know mental healthcare often don’t know physical healthcare and vice versa. The very powerful links between mind and body are so often ignored and people are often treated as entirely physical beings which leaves out the social world and the power of our minds. I don’t like this one bit, so I’ve decided to dedicate my career to changing the mental and physical healthcare world from the inside.  

I currently manage my own therapy practice with my office literally connected to the yoga studio that I also run. My goal with all of this mind body work is to help folks find lasting powerful change, mental clarity, and a new life where they actually live in their bodies.

So as you can imagine there are several options when you engage in this new approach to healing:

  1. We can do talk therapy and work together to solve some things around a recent loss or general men’s issues or anything else.
  2. We can just spend some time working on your back and your hips and find some solutions with the physical body.
  3. And we can also spend some time moving between the two and working on both.

If this is model is making sense to you then I would encourage you to consider the following:

  • If you would like permanent change and to address the bigger picture and the depths of what is going on…
  • If you would like to explore the depths of your struggle and the meaning hidden within it…
  • If you are ready today to get creative and begin creating a new, incredible, and powerful you…

I would then strongly encourage you to dare greatly, overcome some shame, and schedule some time to chat with me today!

Here’s some more nuts and bolts information about the framework I operate from, licensing, and other background info for those of you who are interested in learning as much as you can.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with bachelors degrees in philosophy and psychology in 2012 and finished my masters also at UW-Milwaukee in 2015. I have been practicing psychotherapy and clinical yoga therapy ever since.

The framework I pull from has it’s roots in depth psychology, hermeneutics, and feminism. My heart belongs to existential psychology and I believe engaging with the meaning based challenges ‘out there in the world’ is what is needed to address the challenges of our time.

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